A new beta version of Tropy is now available. From this point on, your projects should migrate as Tropy is updated through the 1.0 release. We do recommend that you make backups of your project files, as this is still beta software and some irregularities may remain.

New features include these:

  • Functional template editor: You can now build and edit customizable metadata templates to suit your research needs. The default template, “Tropy Item,” is made up of fields that are common to many research collections; for most users, adding or deleting fields in a copy of that template will be the most straightforward way to create templates customized to their research.
  • Colored tags: Select from several colors to add another layer of organization to your tags.
  • Explode items: Undo a merge on any item.
  • New themes: Choose from light mode or dark mode, which sometimes helps make documents more legible.

The draft documentation available at docs.tropy.org has been updated with information on these new features.

We plan photo editing and export for a future beta release.