We are happy to announce the release of Tropy 1.2. This release includes several new features that make it easier to work with custom metadata templates.

  • Improved template editor: Creating custom templates is now much easier using new search and select features in the template editor. Now you can type a search term to find a metadata property rather than needing to scroll through all of your vocabularies.

  • Customizable columns: You can now change which columns you see in the item table, as well as re-order them.

  • New plugin UI: Installing plugins is now easier thanks to a newly introduced plugin user interface. You can test it out with the Omeka S plugin, or you can write your own plugin!

These features all give you better options to customize Tropy to meet your needs. If you already have Tropy installed, it should prompt you to install the update. If you have questions or problems, please check the documentation. If you can’t find what you need there, please post to our forums.