You’ve been asking for a long time for the Tropy team to provide online instruction about our software, which helps you organize and describe your photos. Recent events may have made your need for an organizational system more pressing.

Maybe you are faced with a summer of processing the archival photos you already have, rather than going out and taking more. Maybe you’re finding a new interest in family history as you consider the ties that bind you to others. Maybe you’re taking a lot more photos of the things around you. Or maybe you just need more structure in your life.

Whatever the case, if you need a way to organize and describe photos, then come to this webinar, where we’ll demonstrate the basic features of Tropy and talk about why you’d want to organize your photos. You’ll also have the unique opportunity to talk to members of the Tropy team who usually stay behind the curtain doing the hard work.

What: Tropy 101

When: June 16, 2020, at 10:00am EDT

Where: Zoom because distance

Registration is required. You can register here.

We will be attempting to livestream on YouTube as well, and the recording will be available after the event (but you won’t be able to ask questions if you don’t attend the live event! ;) ).

Questions? Reach out to us on Twitter at @tropy, email to, or post on the forums.